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Dean of Students

Our Mission

Aloha BYU-Hawaii Students! As a part of the Ho’okele division, our department is devoted to helping you navigate your way through your educational journey. The word Ho’okele is about helping guide you through your voyage starting before admittance and continuing past graduation. We are devoted to all of our past, present, and future students.

As Dean of Students, our office works towards a number of things and we are happy to help you in any way we can. We work towards understanding the policies and processes so that we can better help you navigate them. We can redirect you to where you need to go. We strive towards helping students succeed and be happy. We are concerned for your well-being and want you to be both mentally and spiritually balanced. Most importantly, we are an office where you can be heard.

I look forward to meeting you!

For your Knowledge
Before Meeting with the Dean
Reasons for Speaking with the Dean
Coping with Stress

It is recommended to first seek assistance from the appropriate department related to your concern before requesting a meeting with the dean. For instance, for financial issues, it would be best to consult the financial aid department, and for academic concerns, the academic advising office would be a good place to start. This will ensure that your case is addressed by the right team with the necessary expertise.

Make sure that you have already talked to these departments according to your need before meeting with the dean:

  • International Student Services
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Academic Advising
  • Residential Life
  1. Leave of absence. If you have an unexpected emergency and need to take a leave of absence, the dean can provide guidance and assistance.
  2. Appeals. If you have received a decision that you wish to appeal, such as a disciplinary action or financial aid decision, the dean can help you with the appeals process.
  3. Hardship funding. If you are experiencing financial hardship and need assistance, the dean can provide information on available funding and resources.
  4. It is recommended to contact the dean of your major for academic appeals, as they are the primary resource for assistance in this matter. Please note that the dean of students may not be directly responsible for handling academic appeals.

We understand that traumatic events such as sudden deaths can be difficult to cope with and can have a significant impact on individuals. In an effort to provide support for our students during such trying times, we have put together a resource document on common responses to traumatic stress and ways to cope with them. This document includes information on physical and emotional reactions, productivity, and steps to take to manage personal distress. We encourage our students to be tolerant of their reactions and to seek help if necessary. We hope that this resource will be a valuable tool for our students in their journey toward healing and recovery.

Please refer to this document:

Common Responses to and Ways to Cope with Traumatic Stress

Dean James Faustino

Get to Know your Dean of Students!

James Faustino is from Hauula, Hawaii. He graduated with his bachelor's degree at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He also achieved his Master of Science in engineering management from Tufts University. He served a mission in Florianopolis, Brasil. He is married and has five children and a dog named Luna. His favorite sport is basketball. He also enjoys surfing and American football. His go-to meal is the sunrise poke bowl from Tamura’s in Hauula.

Meet with Dean

If you would like to meet with Dean Faustino, please fill out the form and we will email you to schedule an appointment.

Please note that the dean of students is responsible for student affairs and non-academic issues on campus. If you have an academic appeal or inquiry, please direct your concerns to the appropriate dean of your major

Request a Leave of Absence

BYU–Hawaii allows for a student to take a leave of absence voluntarily when medical conditions, psychological distress, make the leave in the student’s best interest. If a student is not eligible for a leave of absence, there are additional options for a student who does not wish to attend as a full-time student.

Reduced Course Load Request

BYU–Hawaii requires all full-time students to maintain a minimum of 12.0 credit hours per semester in the fall and winter semesters and a minimum of 8.0 credit hours in the spring semester. A student who wishes to obtain an exception based on a medical condition may request a reduced course load by submitting the form below.