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Dean of Students

Message from the Dean of Students

Sacred Falls State Park

BYU–Hawaii students were recently observed illegally entering the closed Sacred Falls State Park. Accessing this hiking trail is prohibited by the state due to extremely unsafe conditions. Trespassers can be cited and are subject to a $2500 fine.

President Kauwe recently taught: “When you have the privilege to attend BYU–Hawaii you also represent the church in a way that is not unlike wearing a missionary tag. You represent yourself, your family, the university, the Board of Trustees (which includes the first presidency), the Church, and the Savior."

As you enjoy outdoor recreational activities and explore our beautiful island, please represent yourself according to President Kauwe’s counsel. Remember to be careful, honorable, and safe. It is important to avoid dangerous locations areas, honor your commitment to obey the law, be culturally sensitive to native Hawaiian land, and be respectful of private property.

Watch this video from the Hawaii State Department of Land and Natural Resources for a warning about why Sacred Falls is closed.

Our Mission

Aloha BYU–Hawaii students. As dean of students, my mission is to assist and support you in your development and success at BYU–Hawaii. Your life as a student will shape your future and you will make many important decisions during your time here. You have so much to look forward to by way of personal, spiritual, and academic achievement. Also, as a student at this amazing university, you are a leader and the things you learn during your time at BYU–Hawaii will bless you and your family, the Church, your community, and your profession.

I invite you to meet with me as you plan for and accomplish your goals and dreams. You will face challenges that you may now anticipate as well as those that you cannot possibly foresee. You will also achieve accomplishments that you can only imagine at this time. Meet with me to discuss, navigate, and strategize your plans. You were prophesied as having an influence that “will be felt for good towards the establishment of peace internationally” (David O. McKay. Groundbreaking Services of BYU–Hawaii, February 12, 1955).

I look forward to being part of your journey.

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Students are studying together.

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