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Transfer Evaluation Guidelines and Matrix

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    Transfer Evaluation Matrix
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    Requirements for general education for students transferring with an associate's degree.
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    What courses will be accepted as transfer credits?

    Transfer credit will be determined on a course by course equivalency basis. Transfer courses with a C- grade or better will be accepted by BYU–Hawaii as major credit or elective credit. Credit for courses of a remedial nature (usually numbered 99 and below) will not be transferable. BYU–Hawaii does not transfer Grade Point Averages (GPA) when transferring credits from other institutions.

    When courses are evaluated as transferable, the credit will be given for the credit listed on the transcript and may not be the same number of credits the equivalent BYUH class is worth.

    For example, a 4 credit transferrable course that is equivalent to a 3 credit BYUH course may be evaluated as 3 credits + 1 general elective credit equaling 4 total credits for that course, unless otherwise specified. Conversely, a 3 credit transferrable course that is equivalent to a 4 credit BYUH course will be evaluated as 3 credits only.

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    Where do I send my transcript?

    Transcripts can be sent through the mail, email, or online courier service. Please see the following requirements for each form of mail:

    All transcripts sent through the mail must be official and sealed and can be sent to:

    BYU–Hawaii Admissions Office
    BYU–Hawaii #1973
    55-220 Kulanui St.
    Laie, HI 96762

    International Applicants may send a copy of their transcripts via email if it has been properly sighted by their bishops.

    To sight a transcript please do the following

    1. Official transcripts need to be taken to the appropriate leader. The leader needs to include the following:
      1. Leader's Printed Name, Title (Branch President, Bishop, etc.) and the date.
      2. The following words "Offical transcript has been sighted."
    2. The leader then signs the transcript underneath the above information.
    3. The student can then email the transcript to our office at

    *NOTE: "All transcripts must be received two weeks before the deadline for the semester you are applying. All documents received within the two weeks before the deadline will be considered late and may not be processed before the deadline, resulting in an incomplete application. If you are sending your transcripts through the mail, please send them far enough in advance to arrive two weeks before the deadline.

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    Advanced Placement (AP) Credits?

    See AP Credit Matrix for more details.

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    If I already have a four-year degree, can I earn another one at BYU–Hawaii?

    In keeping with its mission to educate as many students as possible, BYU–Hawaii does not admit students for a second bachelor's degree.