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Holomua Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions, please contact us directly via email ( or call 1 (808) 675-3747).
  • We will send a letter of acceptance to the email which was used in the application.

  • Those accepted to Holomua will need to find their own way to BYU–Hawaii. There is a shuttle service available through North Shore Express. The price is $65 each way ($130 in total to and from BYU–Hawaii Campus). Please call (808) 892-1614; or reserve a spot on the shuttle online at

  • Accommodation in a residence hall on campus and all meals at The Banyan Dining Hall (cafeteria) or other locations on campus. The fee provides for ACT prep sessions, ACT tests, activities, and program materials. Two students will be assigned to each room and share a bathroom with two other students. Bedding and towels are NOT provided - you will be required to bring your own pillow, pillowcase, sheets, and towels.

  • No, unfortunately, Holomua does not offer any scholarships that cover the cost of the program nor for travel.

  • No. Holomua is a separate program from FSY and other similar programs.

  • The ACT has a rule that a student can take the test only once within sixty (60) days. If you attend Holomua and take the ACT Residual test at BYU-Hawaii, you will not be able to take the test with SOAR at BYU Provo. The ACT test taken at Holomua can only be used for CES school applications.

  • Staff will contact parents for permission to take the student to a doctor as close to BYU-Hawaii as possible. For payment, Holomua will cover the cost and request reimbursement from a parent or guardian. We recommend that the student should bring a copy of his/her insurance card.

  • Applications will NOT be accepted after April 1. No refunds for the application fee. If you are accepted into the Holomua program and have paid the program fee of $300, the last day to receive a full refund is June 30th. After June 30th a $35 cancellation fee will be charged, meaning you will be reimbursed for only $265. Refunds will be processed approximately 30 (thirty) days after Holomua.

  • The essay has a limit of 1000 characters. The application will prompt you in red at the bottom of the text box if you have exceeded the character count. The character count does include spaces.

  • Yes, we will allow those who wish to arrive on Sunday, July 17 to stay on campus for an additional one-time fee of $75.00. Please indicate that you will be arriving a day early on your application by selecting the "Early Arrival" Option. The total payment for those who choose this option should be $375 ($300 for the program; $75 for the early arrival - tax included).

  • Endorsements are required by every Holomua participant and are done by getting the signature of a Bishop, who is the leader of a congregation (a.k.a ward) within a certain area of residency. To discover which Bishop resides in your area of residence and where a meetinghouse is held for you to meet with this Bishop, follow this link: A contact number will be provided for scheduling.

  • How could I get a transcript sent in as part of the application process? Holomua requires that a transcript be mailed in to verify GPA and graduation year. Normally students who are homeschooled are part of a program that tracks the student's progress. A document containing grades of each subject or the equivalent will be accepted.

  • Holomua is primarily for high school juniors who are going into their senior year. If you are a senior that is interested in attending Holomua the summer after you graduate please contact our office.

  • Yes. We accept students from various backgrounds and are willing to work with students who meet our requirements.

  • We require a GPA or other grading standards to gauge a student's academic readiness for college.