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Returned Missionary Voucher Form

The Returned Missionary Voucher may be awarded to the missionary you list/recommend in the form below ( based on eligibility). The amount awarded will be one-half tuition for one semester and it is to be used toward university billed costs at BYU–Hawaii.

BYU–Hawaii Admissions will verify the submission with the missionary's president, so prior to filling out this voucher, please visit the Return Missionary Voucher to ensure that you understand the qualifying criteria and awarding process (if found eligible).

Please be aware that this voucher award opportunity expires one year from the date of honorable release. (Missionary must contact BYU–Hawaii Financial Aid & Scholarship prior to his/her arrival on campus to confirm award). If you are having technical issues with this form, please email Admissions at Mahalo.

Returned Missionary Voucher Program