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International Student Admissions Application (ISAA)

If you or your family are able to pay the full cost of living and study at BYU–Hawaii, you may apply as an ISAA applicant. On part 8 of the besmart application, please declare the amount of financial support that you will have. This amount should equal our cost of attendance for at least one year.

ALL International applicants are required to complete the International Student Aid Application (ISAA). Please send bank statement(s) and payslip(s) for each person who will be contributing money to your education, as well as your ISAA application, to the Admissions Office at

ISAA Single Student application

ISAA Married Student application

What is IWORK?

International Work Opportunity Returnability Kuleana (responsibility)

The IWORK program assists students from our target area (South Pacific and the Far East) in obtaining a quality education at BYU–Hawaii. It is built on the principle of self-reliance and its goal is to provide the necessary financial assistance to worthy members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints so they can return home to their countries and regions debt-free and qualified to provide leadership roles in an international church, in civic and social affiliations, and within their families.
Visit the IWORK page to learn more!