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English Test Requirements

International students whose first language is not English must demonstrate proficiency in the use of English by taking one of the approved English proficiency tests listed below. All English proficiency test scores are valid for two years after the date the test was taken.

Before registering for classes, most international students will be required to take an additional language proficiency test on campus. International students may be required to complete BYU–Hawaii's EIL program (which will take 4-12 months).

If you are currently serving a mission, please receive permission from your mission president before taking the English proficiency test.
  • BYU–Hawaii requires a minimum score of 61 on the Internet-based Test (IBT) or 500 on the Paper-based Test (PBT). A minimum score of 17 on both speaking and writing on the IBT is required.

    BYU–Hawaii does NOT accept TOEFL ITP (Institutional TOEFL). This is only for the institution offering the test and not for any other school.

    To find out dates, locations, and cost of TOEFL tests, contact TOEFL.

  • BYU–Hawaii requires a minimum score of 5.5 with a minimum score of 5.0 for each sub-score (BAND).

    To find out dates, locations, and cost of IELTS tests, contact IELTS.

  • BYU–Hawaii requires a total score of 2150 and no subscore lower than 520.

    The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency, often called STEP EIKEN or the STEP Test, is an English language test conducted by a Japanese public-interest incorporated foundation. To find out dates, locations, and cost of EIKEN tests, contact EIKEN

    EIKEN (Taken BEFORE February 2016) 2A with a 63+ on Stage 1 and 27+ on Stage 2.


    EIKEN 2A with BYUH Online EIL 222 and 226 with the grade of B or better in each class(effective Summer 2014).

  • BYU–Hawaii requires a minimum score of 44.

    To find out dates, locations and cost of PTE tests, contact PTE.

  • BYU–Hawaii requires a minimum average score of 75 for tests taken within a year.

    In selected countries, a BYU–Hawaii facilitator has been designated as an official Michigan test administrator. The Admissions Office accepts Michigan tests as a valid means to satisfy the English Proficiency requirement.

    Students may take the test three times within a natural year, i.e., a year from the day they take the first test. Each test must be a month apart from each other.

  • BYU–Hawaii requires a minimum total scaled score of 53 with a minimum listening scaled score of 25 and a minimum reading scaled score of 27.

    BYU–Hawaii accepts SLEP tests from selected countries in the Pacific Islands.

    BYUH Online EIL Classes Requirements

    In order to waive the English Proficiency requirement, BYUH requires online EIL 222, 226, and 228 with the minimum grade of B in each class.

  • BYU–Hawaii requires EnglishConnect3 learners to receive an official certificate of completion.

    EnglishConnect3 learners must pass the Level 4 test for reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary.

    EnglishConnect3 learners must pass the Level 3 test for listening and speaking.