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BYU–Hawaii Freshman Admissions Criteria

  1. Ecclesiastical endorsement.
  2. High school transcripts with a 3.3 average out of 5 (Japan grading scale) or a 2.6 GPA on a U.S. equivalent grading scale.
  3. Meet the English test requirement.
  4. Seminary attendance, full-time missionary service, leadership responsibilities, and extracurricular activities may also be used as determining factors in admission decisions.

For more information on how to submit your transcripts, see Transcript Submission.


Kenji Sugahara 菅原 憲嗣(スガハラ ケンジ)
Area Education Specialist 5-10-30
5-8-8 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0047
Japan Mobile: 080-6831-4915

Motonari Tobe 戸部 基成(トヘ゛ モトナリ)
Welfare and Self-Reliance Service Managers (East Japan)
219-2 Nagatucho, Nakane,Matsudo-shiChiba 271-0054
Japan Mobile: 080-1006-3269

Jun’ichiro Kojima 小島 淳一郎 (コジマ ジュンイチロウ)
Welfare and Self-Reliance Service Manager
(West Japan) 4-6-28 Shinohara Hon-machiKobe-shi, Nada-kuHyōgo 657-0067 Japan Mobile: 080-9026-8064