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BYU–Hawaii Freshman Admissions Criteria

  1. Positive ecclesiastical endorsement.
  2. Submit either a TOEFL of a 61 on IBT; or IELTS 5.5
  3. Completion or proof of completion of Form 6* plus one of the following options:
    1. ​ACT or SAT exam (expected to also sit the HKDSE - send proof of HKDSE registration or
    2. Completed HKDSE results.

You are expected to sit the HKDSE. When the HKDSE results are issued, submit a score of at least 13 points (in all subjects taken). Results must be sent to BYU–Hawaii.

Example of HKDSE Minimum Requirement

Courses Level
Elective 2 (Two)
Chinese Language* 3 (Three)
English Language* 3 (Three)
Mathematics* 3 (Three)
Liberal Studies* 2 (Two)

*Core courses - No more than two level 2 scores in core courses.

Missionary and community service, work experience, and age may also be used as determining factors in admission.

For more information on how to submit your transcripts, see Transcript Submission.

BYU–Hawaii BYU-Pathway Partnership Program

BYU–Hawaii and BYU-Pathway Worldwide announced a new partnership that will expand educational options for international students. Here are the eligibility requirements:

  1. Complete BYU-Pathway’s foundational PathwayConnect curriculum with a minimum 3.0 GPA or higher and/or complete a BYU-Pathway Worldwide certificate and/or associate degree. 
  2. Submit either a TOEFL of a 61 on IBT; or IELTS 5.5

The completion of a BYU-Pathway Worldwide program will waive BYU–Hawaii’s high school diploma/secondary education requirements.

For more information, please visit BYU–Hawaii Pathway Partnership Program.


Rick Lee 李慶權
Manager — Hong Kong, Macau and Pakistan
Welfare and Self-Reliance
Asia Area Office |118 Gloucester Road, WanChai, Hong Kong
Ph: +852-2910-2980

Tim Kwok
18 Dorset Street Kowloon TongKowloon, Hong Kong
Ph: (852) 2759-4618
Fx: (852) 2759-3508